About Us

BSHC was founded in September 1979, through a local, grass-roots effort, to meet the needs of this rural community through its mission to provide quality comprehensive medical care to all in Big Sur regardless of ability to pay. In 1985, BSHC became a 501(c)(3) corporation with a volunteer Board of Directors. That same year BSHC relocated from the Big Sur Grange Hall to the grounds of the All Saints Episcopal Church of Carmel, 1/8 mile south of the Big Sur River Inn.

Ultimately, through a community-wide fundraising and development effort by BSHC and volunteer members of the Big Sur community, along with financial support from the Monterey Peninsula Foundation and other foundations, we opened a new 2,100 sq. ft. medical facility in November 2004 to replace an aging building that we had long-past outgrown.

The presence of BSHC is crucial to the welfare of the Big Sur Community. As the only medical facility between the Monterey Peninsula (30 miles to the north) and Cambria (70 miles to the south), BSHC plays a vital role in the local community, serving the health care needs of the population by providing local, culturally and linguistically appropriate, affordable, quality medical care.

The hazardous coastline of Big Sur, combined with extreme weather conditions, road closures and frequent large-scale fires, underscores the critical need for the local presence of BSHC. Our centrally located facility is easily accessible to residents and tourists with urgent care needs. During road closures and other community disasters, BSHC provides 24-hour-on-call service, home welfare visits, medication service (at times, via helicopter transport) and coordination with local emergency teams.

From the early days at the Grange Hall, providing basic first aid, BSHC has developed into a busy family practice with over 1,200 patient visits annually.

Mission of the Big Sur Health Center:

two babiesThe Big Sur Health Center is a nonprofit that exists to serve the health and wellness needs of the Big Sur community. We provide quality healthcare through traditional and complementary approaches that are culturally sensitive and center on patient needs. It is our quest to be a life-long healthcare partner for all in Big Sur, regardless of need or ability to pay.

Serving the Big Sur Community through exemplary health care, education, and community outreach, The Big Sur Health Center (BSHC) is your Community Healthcare Partner. Your wellness is our mission and we are right here when you need us.

Committed to the care of you and your family, at Big Sur Health Center our team provides the best outcome for every patient, every time. We are here for the expected, unexpected and everything in between. We provide:

  • High-quality, comprehensive, personalized services through holistic approaches that focus on patient needs
  • A bilingual staff that is committed to building strong, personal patient / provider relationships that empower individuals to reach their highest levels of well-being
  • A team that understands and embraces the diverse cultures and age groups that contribute to the richness of the Big Sur community

At Big Sur Health Center our family is caring for yours. Our belief is that health care should be available to everyone this is why we accept most major insurance plans including Medicare, and participate in a variety of subsidized and sliding scale programs.

At Big Sur Health Center we are the heart of your healthcare - right here when you need us - by providing both preventive and urgent care, minor surgical procedures and basic laboratory and pharmaceutical services. During emergencies such as fires, storms and road closures that isolate Big Sur, your health center staff is always here to serve you.

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